Creating our first TV Commercial

Quality People recently signed a major sponsorship package with the Australian Football League Northern Territory (AFLNT). Included in our package was a 15-30 second TV commercial to be aired on the big screen at NT Thunder and NTFL matches in 2019. This advert would also be aired on our website and on social media channels. What an opportunity!

So how do you make a TV commercial? Sounds easy in this YouTube generation, but if you’ve never done it you have to learn on the fly.

These are some of the things we learned during the process:

  • As a first step it’s vital to create an advertising plan to understand the goals of the commercial, to consider the target audience, to create a realistic budget and a methodology for measuring the effectiveness of the campaign
  • Research is vital. We struggled to find commercials made by other recruitment agencies in the market. Why don’t recruiters advertise? Discovering that we were on new ground was exciting but also nerve wracking because it was challenging to gauge what advertising has historically led to a successful campaign  
  • Finding the right advertising agency to partner with took longer than we thought. In this digital age there are hundreds of agencies who can do the job, but we needed to find the one that understood our culture, met our budget expectations and had the capacity to complete the project within a tight timeframe. In the end we were delighted with our selection of Creativa
  • The content of the commercial took a lot of planning. We needed to find the perfect blend of motion animation, live action filming and still images. Writing the script and selecting the perfect voice over artist took longer than we thought
  • Working with professional athletes has its challenges. We were fortunate enough have the opportunity to work with former Fremantle Docker, now NT Thunder vice-captain Jack Hannath. We thank the coaches for Jack’s time, and Jack himself for his professionalism and positive attitude
  • 20 seconds is a long advert (just think when you’re waiting for your YouTube video to start and you can’t ‘skip ad’) but it’s also an incredibly short timeframe to get your whole message across in a succinct manner

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